Nowadays more and more peoples are addicted to different substances like tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc... This indicate  decline in people mental health and outlook about life and value.

Naturally they start to use the substances more frequently and ended up in addiction. After a period it will change into physical and psychological dependence. Gradually it will start to affect their personal and social relationships.


In our hospital we have our own special medicines and treatment techniques to treat addiction effectively and efficiently. The treatment plan includes Panchakarma therapy, Rasayana therapy and internal medications.
We offer de addiction program with high success rate using proven Ayurvedic techniques and herbal medications and yoga for any mild or severe alcohol/drug or smoking addiction. We ensure complete recovery from the addiction and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul to feel a better individual. Our hospital provide counseling and guidance to accept the reality and to overcome all addiction and negative thoughts for better long-term results. We restore the patient’s body and mind to a mentally and physically healthy position to enjoy a drug/ alcohol and smoke free life.
We have also excellent medicines to treat patients who are not willing  to take the treatment.
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