Gastritis is a very common health issue and is faced by all age groups.

The condition is caused by various factors, including improper food habits, addictions,  infection, indigestion etc… The problem of gastritis can be short term or long term, painful or painless. Atrophic gastritis will finally end up in a permanently acid-free stomach in the most extreme case. It is better it to take medications as early as possible.


We have our own special medicines, and we also customize medicine according to the conditions and requirements of the patients. Medicines vary with condition of the patient. Our treatment aims to controlling the vomiting, bloating in the abdomen, indigestion, pain and burning sensation of abdomen.
•Our treatment consists of Panchakarma (detoxification) therapy plus internal and external medicines.


Do not suppress natural urges such as hunger, thirst, and the urge to evacuate bladder and bowel.
Drink warm water and Avoid daytime sleep.


Normally the patient have to undergo the therapy for one to three weeks, rare cases it may take some more time. 


Normally patients will feel much better in 2 or 3 days. They will feel relaxed and their mind become more peaceful.
This treatment take care of the stomach, intestine,  liver etc..
Our medicines are free from side effects.
Our treatment helps to remove the side effects of medicines that you have taken earlier.
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