It is normal to lose some hair every day. Most medical studies show that losing up to 100 strands of hair a day is considered normal.

 Consistent and excessive hair loss can leave you with bald spots if you are a man, or thinning hair on top of your head if you are a woman

How to get rid of  HAIR FALL??

We believe in identifying the root cause of hair fall and treating the cause completely and removing the imbalance of mind and body. The treatment plan includes the combination of herbal medicines for the internal( the causative factors like stress, underlying medical conditions) and external (the thinning of hair, stimulate the hair follicle, cracking of hair ends)purposes. Along with a customized diet plan and few lifestyle modifications.
Yoga is also instructed to improve the blood circulation in the scalp and to balance the body system.
The treatment duration is 7-28 days. It may vary according to the severity of the condition.
Our medicine and treatments are free from side effects.
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