A psychological disorder is a condition characterized by abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Mental illness does not discriminate; it can affect anyone regardless of your age, gender, geography, income, social status, race, religion etc. While mental illness can occur at any age, three-fourths of all mental illness begins by age 24.


Our treatment protocol has different stages including cleansing, pacifying and rejuvenation. Along with this a combination of meditation physiotherapy will help for the healing of Mind-body connections.
External therapy such as Abhyanga, Snehanam, Thalam, Sirovasthi, Sirodhara, Dhoomapanam etc.
Panchakarma therapy such as Vamanam, Virechanam, Nasyam  etc.
Rasayana therapy.


The treatment duration may up to 3-4 weeks as per the condition and continue the medications for at least six months. Rare cases the duration may increase.


Through our treatment can achieve self analytical knowledge, confidence wisdom and concentration.
You can have a normal life and able to enjoy the life without any restrictions.
Out treatments and medicines are free from side effects.
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